Podfly was a very fun and unique web app to work on. The concept of streamline, record, invite, and share podcasts via a web app isn’t a concept that one sees very often. This made the design process fun, but the discovery and competition research a little challenging.

I was lucky in the sense that the client was very open-minded to new ideas, yet had firm grasp in the overall vision they wanted to develop. While gathering design requirements, and throughout the entire process I worked closely with the developers to determine what was possible within the client budget.

What we came up with is a very clean, easy to use interface that puts the focus on the podcast, podcasters, and content. A host and potential podcaster should naturally be able to perform the most important function: record, save and share a podcast.

From a brand perspective, I used the provided orange-based brand to really bring out the action items and give Podfly a unique personality to its competitors.