When a client approached and asked if I could design a means to manage and track a large database of mobile and landline numbers, the artist in me was a bit hesitant. After all, we creative types crave fun, challenging aesthetic projects. However, as a designer, I began to think of the many, many out-dated data tables in the universe.

It became clear that this was exactly the problem we needed to solve; make a database that is not only clean and interesting but also practical. We wanted the end users needed to implement complex call-center services based on their mobile subscriptions. This included mobile number purchases, phone number masking, and data tracking (minutes used, outgoing calls, etc).

I worked closely with the client to understand the product. The user-flow could get pretty complex, so to fully understand the product I hosted a number of mind mapping and whiteboarding sessions with the developers. I then connected the wireframes in Invision and tested the flow around the office.

Once we reached UX the client was happy with, we worked together to define a conservative yet modern color palette to tie it all together.